A Celebration of Healing

Everyone is hoping for a gust of good news right now:

A vaccine.

26 million unemployed Americans back to work

An astonishingly fast economic recovery.

Sounds almost impossible, right?

Let me tell you a story that will give you HOPE.

You may have read a previous blog about my friend Josh.

Last year, Josh was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, that came out of nowhere, with a prognosis of 1-3 years.

Since his diagnosis, Josh has been documenting his experiences almost daily, and in the process has emerged into a poet.

He writes poetry in his spare moments, between changing diapers on his 2-year-old daughter and chasing around his 4-year-old son…when pulled off to the side of the road…while waiting for a doctor appointment.

Since moving back to Arizona, I’ve had the opportunity to drive down to Tucson to visit Josh.

I’ve never experienced something so life-AFFIRMING.

The emotions that flow through our conversations include:





Unapologetically painful sadness.

Absolute. Pure. Joy.

All of it.

And you never know, he never knows… what’s coming next.

Ian Lopatin, the original Spiritual Gangster, grew up with Josh in Michigan.

Ian has connected deeply with Josh over the past year, including a meaningful day in Tucson in February.

Ian commented that the feeling of being around Josh is the feeling of being in the flow-state.

Imagine if the boundaries and compartments that organize your thoughts and emotions were dissolving, and your expression was pure and FREE.

The pandemic has put the KABOSH on these road trips to Tucson.

But Josh’s poetry transcends boundaries.

As Josh writes,

“Creaking sails we sway
an eternal dance.
Waves slice gusts on a close haul

Sunshine melodies distract maladies
Winds wind us between crab pots
Sun clings to surface like cellophane

Sun over cirrus, dry rock
reefs drawing near us. We allow
the freedom of the sea to sear us.”

Ian and I had been planning a ZOOM poetry reading with Josh.

But there was a turn of events that caused a delay.

Josh had been going through chemotherapy, which suddenly stopped working.

Just last week, Josh was searching for a clinical trial, but running out of options.

Maybe you can relate to the feeling of being squeezed beyond your threshold?

All his life, Josh has made connections, put people in touch, lit up his network with inspiration, and introductions, passion.

Do you believe in karma?

Last week, Josh reached out to someone in his network, who put him in touch with some of the most renowned doctors in the world for his type of cancer.

At the moment I write these words, Josh is meeting with these doctors, discussing a new path forward.

I talked to Josh this morning. He compared this current phase of the process to sailing.

“When a surge of wind comes, pull the sail in and run with it!”

His message to anyone out there who is needing hope right now…

Be proactive.
Be your own advocate.
Think outside the box.

There is a surge of wind coming your way.

Are you ready and able to capture it?

I’ll tell you exactly when it’s coming.

Wednesday, May 6

5pm EST/2pm PST

YOU are invited to a celebration of friendship, connection and poetry with Josh, Ian, and I.

Here is the link to register and save the date on your calendar.

Please join us to affirm and celebrate LIFE…

..and together, let’s open a new chapter for growth, healing, and a surge in the RIGHT DIRECTION for all of us.

Wishing you HEALTH, LOVE, and PEACE