Daily meditations that are entertaining, relatable, and based on real life…marriage, parenting, sports, business, friendships. ​

Have you ever felt like you are so focused on your responsibilities and obligations, that you might be missing the bigger picture?

Is some part of you just a little numb to life, work, relationships, routines? I invite you on a six month journey to, once and for all, shake free from the boredom and grab hold of something pulsing, colorful, meaningful, ALIVE.

I invite you on a six month journey to explore the wisdom of nature for guidance, healing, and a better way of life.

Join Dave Romanelli and Author-Buddhist-surfer Jaimal Yogis as we guide you on a 66 day meditation journey to be more fluid and strong amidst the grind of business, parenting, and whatever life has comin’ down the pipe!