My Master Teacher Is A 3 Year-Old

Many of you read my blog sharing that on May 1, my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Suddenly, my 3 year old daughter has become, by far, my greatest teacher.

Since her diagnosis, Cooper has had a flurry of chemo treatments, spinal taps and medicines round the clock.

Repeated spinal taps would put most adults flat on our backs, SCREAMING for someone to bring us more chicken soup and pain pills.

Hell, many of us complain when the barista screws up our coffee.

But a 3 year-old has this remarkable resilience.

Somebody wrote to me in an email, “Kids are amazing, and so resilient, so just remember even in her hardest days, that she will bounce back.”

I’ve read about this resilience, and heard about it from nurses at the Children’s Hospital.

Now I’m seeing it with my own eyes.

Cooper gets home from one of these procedures, and while grumpy and hungry, give her a few minutes and she finds a way onto her feet.

She might be too young to make sense of what’s going on .

She doesn’t ask the questions that you or I might be asking.

She doesn’t know the duration of this healing process.

Like any 3 year-old, she lives for THIS MOMENT, THIS SONG, THIS LICK OF THE LOLLIPOP.

Cooper is teaching me, and I will continue to share with you…

…that resilience is our nature…

…that we can handle anything…

….and our natural instinct is to BOUNCE BACK.

My wife and I are doing everything we can to STOKE her resilience, and to feed off it.

So many of you who read my recent blog have reached out to me.

I read every one of your emails and we are THRIVING off your love and positivity.

Friends I haven’t spoken to in decades have gotten back in touch.

Our close circle of friends have stepped up in the most gracious ways.

And even more powerful, our world at home has shrunk.

Our home life is less distracted.

Our center of gravity has shifted from a priority on work and making time for a workout…

…to being a close family and pumping the greatest love into our children.

In that sense of contraction and closeness, we are getting better and we are getting stronger.

It took childhood cancer to wake us up to the feeling of healing.

With an infusion of love that is undistracted and unadulterated, you too can come back from anything.