Begins June 24th

Your Private Meditation Guide

 This is a private, personalized program designed for extensive 1 on 1 time and the extra support you need to prioritize (and spread) peace of mind.

How It Works

You will receive my daily meditations throughout 2019, in addition to the following:

Six in-depth 1 on 1 sessions

Each month for six months, you and I will have an in-depth 1 on 1 conversation. You and I will explore a very personalized approach to uncovering the ways you hold back and push back. If life constantly gets in the way of your peace and joy, it’s time to make the extra investment and commitment in feeling better and feeling better NOW.

Private Access

Meditation is a very personal experience and I believe it’s very helpful to actually know your meditation teacher. While many of these meditation mobile apps are very helpful and popular, you’ll never know the person behind the voice. You deserve more than that and this program will deliver personal, private access. 

Six In-Depth Study Tracks

I will send you a different book each month for six months that will tie into the summer/fall program. Your Private Island will be highly stimulating intellectually and spiritually. Think of this as returning to your favorite college class with one of your favorite teachers.

Six Focused Relationships

Each month you will share the daily meditation program with a new person in your life. Whether a child, parent, co-worker, friend…you really embody peace of mind when you start it share it with others. This opens the door for you to nurture deep relationships with six people in your life. 

Six Months of Daily Meditation

Included in this program, you will receive the daily meditations from Relax & Let The Magic InIf you have enjoyed my previous meditation programs, this will add additional layers of growth and stimulation to the daily stories, messages, and inspiration

You will finish this program feeling like:

  • You have exponentially increased your focus on daily meditation and the impact it creates in your life
  • You have spent six months with a sustained daily commitment of planting seeds of peace-of-mind with six people in your community.
  • You have effectively and passionately shared what you are learning with the people you care most about.
  • You have read 6 new books and done a deep dive on 6 subjects that broaden and inspire your mind.
  • You have invested in a private meditation teacher and coach who gives you the daily encouragement, passion, and sometimes shout out to keep your heart and mind open to the magic

Begins June 24th

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An investment in yourself and your community

Value of six 1 x 1 sessions is $900

Value of daily meditation month program is $597

Value of gifting the meditation program to six people is $3,500

Total value of Your Private Island program: $5,000

***Cost of books is included in your registration